A Space for Health and Fitness. 

August 26th 2014 : I’m Olivia, 25 years old., a  5’8 grad student 159.2 pounds currently, soon embarking into a professional life. I’m looking to be around 130 pounds, but really it’s about health and fitness more than weight. At my heaviest a month ago, I weighed 164 pounds and decided to make a lifestyle change. I have been working out, and trying to eat healthy but I am not perfect. But I will get better.

I’m looking to create a space / community where we can support each other and be more accountable. I’ve done that with an instagram account for the past month and I’ve seen how much its helped me on days where I was feeling under the weather, or needed just that much more encouragement and motivation.

I’ll be watching what I eat, logging my calories in myfitnesspal. My target nutritional proportions will be approximately 50% protein, 20% fat and 30% carbohydrates.

I welcome any words of encouragement, contributions, comments, motivation and positive criticism.

email: oliviasfitnessjourney@gmail.com

Facebook Page: Olivias Fitness Journey

Instagram: oliviasfitnessjourney

And I’ll create a twitter soon 🙂

Thanks for reading this ! Have a great day and remember to workout and eat right 😉


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